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John Locke

Parents wonder why the streams are bitter, when they themselves have poisoned the fountain.” — John Locke


By Jesse Mathewson

The age of enlightenment saw the formation of many theories regarding society and government. Humanity had recently come out of the dark ages and the age of feudalism. They had broken through the repressive influence of church and state that had blanketed the world.

Unfortunately, their journey and the wonderful ideas they formulated were not complete.

The social contract theory was the brainchild of John Locke and his contemporaries. It was the idea that an individual voluntarily agreed to play by the rules of whichever society they were apart of. Unfortunately, with time this view has evolved, modern uses of the word tend to remove the word voluntarily. Now an individual plays by the rules of society in which they are born and live, this is expected, and is not to be debated.

Human history is cyclical in pattern, every trend continues around in circles. The age of enlightenment directly followed the age of feudalism and tyranny, we are now headed back into tyranny and feudalism. Humanity as a whole has embraced being serfs as long as they are provided with the fantasy of safety and the illusion of defense. More importantly, modern western culture prefers these illusions and the comfort of mass produced luxuries while subjecting themselves to endless propaganda under the guise of entertainment or necessity. The idea of freedom is seamlessly merged with being a willing participant in a system of slavery larger than any before in history.

Freedom is a simple concept, it is the ability to act freely, a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions. Freedom is the antithesis of government, social order, social contract and the like.

Freedom cannot exist in the same space as anything based on or around government. Government is control of society, nothing more, there is no freedom to be had when government exists. This is why the idea of the social contract being changed from voluntary in nature to expected serves government and not the individuals that make up society.

There comes a time in every human cycle when the active minority must wrest their freedom from those who desire the subservience of all humanity. It is only when this occurs that balance can be restored. This is not to say that balance is necessary, but that in any natural environment, a state of disequilibrium must be observed. The cycles will occur, and freedom will be torn back from those who would see the world enslaved. Action becomes necessary and the momentum of truth overwhelming. Those of us who are burdened with facts and act to take our freedom from others, are demonized in the beginning.

So how do we show the rest of the world that freedom is not only possible but necessary? We use their own methods against them. It is possible with a small group of individuals to shift a much larger groups perceptions through calculated action and methodical promulgation of the truth. It is up to those of us who are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of the future. It is time for a shift of perception, it is time to rid the world of that which has never and will never function as it was designed. We humans who desire freedom and voluntarily embrace the tenants of liberty should stand tall and unafraid.

I have signed no contract, I have made no agreement and I refuse to be held to something that I have not agreed to. Instead I have voluntarily agreed to pursue freedom for all humanity.

By following a simple philosophy of Non Aggression, Doing no Harm, Doing Unto Others; and acting upon that philosophy I am doing more to affect true freedom than any number of individuals who pay the idea no more than lip service while continuing to act in the services of the very state they supposedly detest. It is better to bankrupt the system, than to support that same system through our actions.

To be continued…

Free the mind and the body will follow.